Going Green at Carroll Villa

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The Mad Batter Restaurant and Carroll Villa Hotel have been a leader in the growth of Cape May over the last 25 years and now this historic establishment is leading the way to a "greener" future.

Owners Mark Kulkowitz and his wife, Pam Huber have decided to take a stand in making environmentally sound choices while renovating their property. In 2008, while choosing to update their 125-seat dining space,
Solar energy in Cape MayThe bar countertop is something you won't normally see, made from recycled glass, shell and concrete from a nearby distributor in Clayton, New Jersey. Earthy American clay was used to construct the ceiling. It goes on like plaster would and there are no VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) in the paint. Upstairs in the rooms adorned with hand selected antique furniture and collectibles, corn carpet can be found covering the floors. Mark and Pam have also installed a new dishwasher that saves 25,000 gallons of water per year and new Energy Star light bulbs throughout the hotel and restaurant.

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Even though going green is not as cost efficient as other methods, the owners are committed to doing their part for the environment and hope others will do the same. Guests are encouraged to participate by refraining from
Plans for 2009 include new energy efficient shower heads in all guest rooms. For the restaurant, they are awaiting the delivery of “smart” candles and tabletops that will not require tablecloths – further saving energy on multiple levels.

We've gone solar! In 2010, we added 38 solar panels to our roof, estimated to provide 10,293 KWH/year in electrical production. Approximately 7,987 lbs of CO2 will be offset annually which is equivalent to recycling 165,361 cans of soda, not burning 962 gallons of gasoline, and planting 1 acre of trees!

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