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The Carroll Villa Hotel and the Mad Batter Restaurant family love veterans. We also try to honor their sacrifice. From the youngest veterans of recent conflicts, to the Greatest Generation of WWII, we are pleased to host them every year on Veterans Day.

The movement started with a guest house in West Virginia, and has spread across the country–the hosting of veterans of all ages. Active duty military personnel are also invited to spend a complimentary night in the hotel and enjoy breakfast the following morning. We started hosting veterans in 2010.

Owner, Mark Kulkowitz himself a veteran, has a soft spot in his heart for all veterans. He served in the Headquarter’s Company, First Brigade, Third Armored Division in Germany 1976-1978. His father Harry was part of the Greatest Generation and a participant in D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge. Those Vets are honored at another luncheon each year in December.


We were pleasantly honored to have the Commander of U.S Coast Guard Training Center, Captain Todd Prestidge, who enjoyed listening to the stories some of the veterans shared.

Earlier in the day, Captain Prestidge shared the story of Lt. Col. (Ret.) Barry Bridger’s imprisonment in Vietnam. Captain Prestidge’s role now is preparing future veterans to serve in the United States Coast Guard.

The camaraderie of the veterans and the music of Barry Tischler and Tom Naglee created an enjoyable night for all involved.