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On lone orange tent lit at night in the wilderness with a starry night sky and treesNo time? No budget? Travel bans due to situations like Covid-19? While a big, fancy, luxurious vacation is desirable, it’s not always feasible. Enjoying a staycation costs no money and can create just as many memories for you and your family. You may find you are even surprised by how much fun you can have and perhaps, it will be a time for your loved ones to get the quality time you didn’t know you needed. Keep reading for 5 ways to enjoy a memorable vacation at home.

5 Ways to Have a Memorable Vacation at Home

1) Have a spa day – Start your vacation at home with some de-stressing. Perhaps tailored more to the ladies in the family, this can be something everyone can enjoy! It is not hard to create a DIY spa day. Make a foot soak, have a steam treatment, or try a homemade face mask or sugar scrub. Create a peaceful ambiance with some candles and feel your stresses melt away!

2) Have a cooking night – Spending time in the kitchen may not be your favorite or you may not call yourself a “chef” but have some fun! Take out those cookbooks and pull out recipes you’d like to try. Be creative and choose a culture and create a whole evening in that theme, from your drinks all the way to dessert.

3) Pitch a tent – Create your own wilderness camping trip in your backyard! Take out your camping gear from the attic, shed, or garage and set up a fun space for a memorable overnight adventure. Share some spooky stories around a fire pit or grab a guitar and sing your own version of “Kumbaya.” Oh – and don’t forget plenty of chocolate and graham crackers for delicious s’mores!

4) Host your own film festival – A staycation is the perfect time to catch up on a movie series such as Marvel, Star Wars or Harry Potter. Stay in your pj’s, pop some popcorn, grab some treats and hunker down. Play the role of movie critic with each other and see which movies top each other’s lists!

5) Shut out the extra noise – It can be tempting to keep one eye on your email while the other is trying to enjoy a time out. A main reason vacations are so wonderful is the fact that you are often not bothered by duties at home. So, when you take a staycation, take a time out. Turn off your phone, put your watch and clocks away, and put on an out of office message for your email. Then resist the urge to check in until your vacation is over!

We’d love to know some of your ideas on how you are making the most of a vacation at home! Comment below and be sure to keep checking back on our website for re-opening dates. We can’t wait to host new guests once again, hopefully in the near future!