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Open green grass with bright sunshine and blurred trees in the backgroundOn any given day it’s important to try and get outdoors. One could argue that right now, during this time of uncertainty with the Corona virus, it might be even more important! We’ve been encouraged to practice social distancing and steering clear of crowds, but it’s also not optimal to stay stuck indoors all day either! Statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency suggest adults and children spend 90 percent of their life indoors. Being outdoors promotes happiness and more so keep reading for five benefits you can reap by just spending some time with Mother Nature.

1) Mental Health – Spending time outside is almost an instant mood booster! Whether from family, friends, job, finances or other problems, life can get tough. Go out for a walk, a hike, a bike ride, or even just nap on your front porch swing in the sun. All of this can relieve stress, anxiety, and depression and increase happiness.

2) Physical Health – Mental health is one part and physical health is just as important. Activity outside can help increase the level of your white blood cells, which help fight viruses and diseases. Spending time outdoors can help reduce inflammation and hypertension. Another benefit is reducing stress hormones which help lower blood pressure.

3) Improve Sleep – Did you know that your sleep pattern is generally regulated by something called the “circadian rhythm?” It is naturally linked to the sun’s schedule. Too much time indoors can actually disrupt your sleep pattern. So, allowing regular exposure to sunlight can help improve disrupted sleep and actually help correct your sleep cycle.

4) Vitamin D Exposure – You have likely heard that being in the sun is great for a boost in Vitamin D but do you know why we need it? Vitamin D is actually hard to absorb from just eating food and so we get 80 to 90 percent of it from the sun. It helps strengthen your immune system and is good for cell and bone growth. Even though it may not be too hot yet where you are, don’t forget the sunscreen!

5) Generate Creativity – If you are a writer with a writer’s block or an artist lacking direction, one of the benefits of being outdoors is that it can provide some much-needed focus and stir the creative pot. The key is giving your mind space-remove the noise and technology to allow the creative juices room to flow. Unplugging and enjoying time in nature could bring your best ideas yet!

Although we are closed during this time during the Covid-19 crisis, we will look forward to when we can welcome guests once again! For now, though don’t miss out on a great deal we are offering for future travel! For every $100 dollars you purchase in gift cards, you will receive $20 on us! Click the Gift Certificates link or give us a call! Now through April 1st only.