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Tall white lighthouse in the distance surrounded by body of water and treesThis time in our country dealing with the Covid-19 crisis has had such an impact on so many people. We have had to temporarily close our hotel and our restaurant, The Mad Batter, until things are stable and safe to reopen. We miss greeting old and new friends and can’t wait until we can welcome you all once again. To keep people safe, Cape May beaches and our iconic promenade are currently closed. With so many longing to come for a stay, we thought we’d let you know of some virtual tours you can take. There are several attractions in the area that offer guests online tours so check them out below!

Cape May Virtual Tours

1879 Emlen Physick Estate – Cape May MAC interpreter Jon Vile leads the virtual tour inside the Emlen Estate. The estate is a Victorian house museum that offers visitors a look back in time. The in-person guided tour is typically 45 minutes long. The virtual tour is just an abbreviated version. Acclaimed Victorian architect Frank Furness built the 18-room estate in 1879. It is a historical and absolutely gorgeous home with ornate wallpaper, colorful rugs and stained glass windows. Almost demolished in the 1960s, a movement of passionate and concerned citizens fought to preserve the estate. That same movement also helped to save many of the buildings you see today in Cape May.

1859 Cape May Lighthouse – This timeless landmark in Cape May draws visitors of all ages each and every year. The lighthouse was first lit in 1859 and automated in 1946. It continues to operate today as an aid to navigation. There is a 199-step climb to get to the top of the lighthouse. A breathtaking panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay will be waiting for you at the top. This virtual tour takes you from the bottom to the top during a time when visiting it in person is not possible.

Cape May County Museum – There are three historic buildings that are part of this museum, which focuses on county life from Native American times through the twenty-first century. You will find a 1704 Colonial period home, 1830 Federal period addition, carriage shed and a barn from 1780. During a visit here, this museum is just a few minutes from our hotel but for now, until you can be here in person, you can enjoy their online tour.

Cape May Zoo – Although temporarily closed as well until further notice, animal lovers can stay connected with the zoo’s virtual tour! The Cape May Zoo offers a daily, live virtual tour Monday through Friday starting at 11:30 am. Viewers are treated to a short clip featuring a different animal each day. There is also a challenge given that you can do and in turn post your own pictures on social media.

We will keep you posted on our re-opening and will anticipate the day when we can once again have our hotel filled with happy travelers. For now, you can take advantage of our gift certificate special! For every $100 dollars you purchase in gift cards, you will receive $20 on us! Simply click here or give us a call. Now through May 13th only.