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Military cemetery with several headstones each with an American flag in front“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.”   – Arthur Ashe

With Veterans Day coming up November 11, 2020, we want to take a moment today to bring honor and show gratitude to the veterans in our country. This day is very important as it affords Americans the opportunity to pay our respects to all who have served our country honorably during war and peacetime. Did you know that the Allied Nations and Germany agreed to put an end to World War I on November 11, 1918? The armistice happened on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. The annual legal holiday started out known as “Armistice Day.”

Honoring the Life of Mad Batter Founder Harry Kulkowitz

All of us at the Carroll Villa Hotel feel deeply convicted and honored to pay respect for our veterans. The founder of our Mad Batter Restaurant, Harry Kulkowitz was a veteran. Born in 1924, Harry was a WWII veteran who served in the Battle of the Bulge. Trained as a radio signal interceptor in England, Harry landed on Utah Beach on June 6th, 1944. His job was to monitor and record all German Morse code traffic in the area. The coded messages were then sent back to be de-coded by the famous “Enigma” machine. Harry was awarded French Legion of Honor in 2010. Then, in 2014, he was honored by President Obama at the 70th anniversary of D-Day. He passed away at the age of 92. He is survived by his son Mark, wife Pam and grandchildren Marta, Kyle and Tessa, who are now carrying on the tradition.

We want to thank all of our friends and families who have gathered over the years to celebrate our Battle of the Bulge lunches. These times together were a highlight of the year. When we first started them, we had over 30 Battle of the Bulge Veterans. Time is a thief and of course now, we are down to less than a handful. These lunches were an opportunity to share, reminisce, encourage and simply enjoy the camaraderie of being together.

Remembering Our Special Guests

At this time we are not able to have our our special dinner and get together. But, we want to thank the veterans and families of all Americans who have given so much. We want to send a special shout out to all the veterans who have stayed at the Carroll Villa Hotel and dined at the Mad Batter Restaurant. It has truly been an honor to meet and talk with you all over the years. We will miss the camaraderie of all the veterans who have come each year.

We also want to send a special shout out to Johnnie Walker and his wife Kate. Through CVAC (Citizens Veterans Advisory Council) and other organizations they have worked to improve the lives of veterans. Their efforts help them get through their lives in the most meaning full way possible. Johnnie and Kate do so much to make sure that people continue to remember and honor them for their service.

Lastly, we want to mention a few special people who have brought cherished stories, laughter, and tears to us over the years. Our thoughts are with Gus Epple, Elmer Umbenhauer, Dave Goodwin, Herb Stern, Father Miles Barrett, Bo Weissman, Larry Hogan, Stan Crowley, Vince Pale

With respect, honor and gratitude, thank you veterans, for serving our country, bravely fighting, and protecting our freedom. You will never be forgotten.